Studio North

Studio Rules
Please be prompt with your rented time slot. The time slot you reserve includes your setup and clean up. A $50 fee will be charged if you go over on your time.

Clean up after yourself and your clients. Please throw away garbage, vacuum or sweep if needed, wipe down makeup tables, etc. If you rearranged any furniture or props, please put them back on how you originally found them.

Renter accepts the premises as is. Let us know immediately if there are any repairs to be made or maintenance to be done. Renter understands use of the premises and its’ property is at Renter’s risk. Renter is advised and understands Renter will be required prior to the rental period- to sign an “Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability & Indemnification” Agreement relating to renter’s use of the premises.

Renter is solely responsible for its’ clients or guests. Renter understands any clients or guests of renter must also sign an “Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability & Indemnification” Agreement to be allowed at the premises with Renter

Do not take anything from the studio. If items go missing during your time slot, we will review the studio footage and charge you for a replacement if necessary.

If damage occurs to the studio or any of the items in the studio during your time slot, additional fees will be charged.

You are responsible for the conduct of yourself and your clients/guests at all times during your rental Any dangerous, illegal, or negligent actions will be grounds to immediately cancel the time slot, involve necessary law enforcement and/or take legal action required.

Additionally, the studio is to be used solely for business related, or professional photography purposes, unless permission is explicitly granted for other purposes. Nudity, and either the possession of materials, or the photographing/recording of anything of a pornographic or overtly sexual nature is not allowed in the studio.

Access to the studio will be granted by a representative of Studio North. Renter must never leave the premises unoccupied until they have completed their rental period, or their use of the premises- whichever occurs first. Instructions for securing the premises when you leave will be given at time of access.

The premises is under video and audio surveillance at all times. By agreeing to these rules and being present at your rented time slot you are consenting to both the video and audio recording during your rented time slot. You further understand that you, the renter, are responsible for notifying your clients/guests of this provision and/or obtaining any waivers/permissions required for this video/audio surveillance. In the event of any clothing changes, the designated changing area should be utilized. Renter and their guests are under notice there is no expectation of privacy in the premises outside of the designated changing area.

Do not damage the walls. If you need to hang lights or decor, we have pre-hung hooks in certain areas of the studio that you are more than welcome to hang decor or lights on.

Food and drink are allowed in the studio, but not allowed on the furniture.

No pets allowed.

No open flames, candles, confetti, glitter, or smoke bombs allowed.

All doors must be locked when you leave.

Only one contracted photographer permitted at the studio during a time slot unless special permission was given beforehand.

Workshops or large styled events must be approved beforehand. Please email us with the details before booking.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Rescheduling your time slot will be subject to a $50 fee and will be based on studio availability.

Rescheduling the day of your session will not be allowed. You will still be charged for the full rental fee.

No refunds on unused time.

Studio North reserves the right to cancel any bookings at their discretion. In the rare case that this happens, a full refund will be given.


I have reviewed and agree to the above terms and conditions

I understand that prior to my rented time slot I (and any clients or guests present with me) must sign and return the “Studio North Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, & Indemnification Agreement,” and I must provide Studio North with proof of insurance as is specified in the agreement.

I am aware I must provide all invited guests with notice of video/audio surveillance, and if guest(s) are minor(s) obtain written consent by parent/guardian